ABOUT US - Director's Message

Dear Parents,

Today's Education scenario has become full of opportunities as it has been undergoing unremitting changes due to the effects of globalization, IT awareness and search for new methods of teaching and learning process. Thus, the educators and learners need to be equipped with new knowledge, new skills, attitudes, mind sets and values. The educators and the learners must believe that they are not merely human beings for a nation but in the fact they are sole foundation on which the whole nation stands and the way of expansion is ensured with promising opulence and prosperity.

Yours JSB Public School, Fatehpur is in its 7th year of service to the society and the cooperation from every nook and corner has increased our strength to serve better and for that thanks are due and the same cooperation is expected to be sailed with the spirit.

Our passion for student centric approach enables us to fulfill our commitment to cater exactly, what the students need. For us, education does not mean providing answers, it means equipping the stakeholders with the means to within him or her. This is our undertake since the school's foundation to arrive at the pinnacle of success. In an era where the knowledge is the power to meet the challenges and to gain the competitive advantages, JSB has attempted to provide interactive learning environment allowing the students to think and reflect, to explore and to express.

With warm regards

Dr. Dayal Singh Bijarnia