ABOUT US - Chiarman's Message

Dear Parents,

JSB Public School, my dream venture, is on the way of success and it soothes my mind and soul utterly. It has become a hub of nurturing knowledge and delivering values which are the real need of the hour with a perfect blend of eminence education to prepare the aspirants for tomorrow. My heartfelt congratulations to the Principal, Dy. Principal and staff members for their commitment to bring the school up to the level of excellence and distinction.

We established the school only to spread the light of knowledge and education to each and every child of the world. The policy of the working is "Education for all and a proper job by the perfect education." That's why we are using the latest and modern methodology of teaching which is so far away from the wretch system and pattern of education, because we want to set an example in the history of education.

In the hope of Co-operation

Thanks Indeed

With warm regards

Sh.Jhabar Singh Bijarnia